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Curriculum vitae (visit my LinkedIn page, too)

Dr. CHRISTINE E. THURING                                                                                                


I am an enthusiastic, highly organised professional with a portfolio of experiences that draw upon my passion for ecology, living architecture, and sustainability. With talents for communication, networking and project management, I am an adaptable teamplayer and a confident leader.


2016            PhD Landscape Ecology, The University of Sheffield, Department of Landscape.  Supervisor: Dr. Nigel Dunnett        Title: Ecological dynamics on old extensive green roofs: vegetation and substrates more than twenty years after installation.

2005            MSc Horticulture, The Pennsylvania State University, State College PA. Supervisors: Dr. David J. Beattie, Dr. Robert                                          Berghage. Title: Green roof plant responses to different media and depths in drought

1999            BSc Environmental Resource Science &  Biology, Trent University, Peterborough Ont.

1997-1998   Year abroad: Universität Hohenheim, Stuttgart (Germany).

TRANSFERABLE SKILLS                                                                                                         

  • strong communication skills (presentation, written, negotiation)
  • effective organizer and good time management
  • positive team player, experienced with interdisciplinary teamwork
  • independent, flexible and adaptable
  • ability to work under pressure, meet deadlines, make decisions
  • project design and management, statistics
  • ability to prioritise and manage multiple on-going activities- taking on new challenges, exploring novel approaches

PROFFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE                                                                                                      

Early Career Researcher (PhD researcher), University of Sheffield (Oct. 2009 - July 2016) 

Research: managed PhD research concurrent with duties to EU project ("Green Roof Systems") 

  • PhD title: „Ecological dynamics on old extensive green roofs: vegetation and substrates > twenty years after installation.”
    • applied ecological methods to characterise the vegetation on some of the oldest extensive green roofs in Germany;
    • Working group member: „Green Roof Systems“ EU Marie Curie Industry Academia Partnerships & Pathways:
      • 12-month secondment (across three summer seasons) at the industry partner, ZinCo GmbH
      • managed German roof for Work Package 1 (Plant screening trials);
      • supported Work Package 2 (Substrates and amendments).
Teaching: Part-time teacher and studio tutor on Bachelor- and Masters courses (with emphasis on ecological design, as well as ecological restoration): between 150- 250 hours/ year (lectures/ studio/ excursions)

Publications (see Publications below)

Translation and intranet service, Plansee SE (Aug 2008 - Aug. 2009)

  • translate policies, guidelines, basic agreements, etc. from German to English
  • provide dynamic translation support to co-workers, cross-departmental
  • update intranet, improve Visitor Registration system through consultation and design

Green Roof Safari (by request since 2008)

BCIT Centre for Architectural Ecology (May 2006 – June 2008)

  • Marketing and Communications Strategist
  • Collaborative researcher (experimental design of Elevated Rooftop Platform)
  • Project Coordinator, World Urban Festival (May – June 2006)

Advisor to vegetation surveys, Burns Bog Conservation Society (June – Sept. 2007)

  • develop experimental design for long-term vegetation monitoring  plots in the Delta Nature Reserve
  • field work: establish transects and quadrats, identify plants and other incidental biota
  • analyze data with student, co-author final report
Resident Ecologist and Living Roof Specialist, N.A.T.S. Nursery Ltd. (July 2006 – July 2007)

  • support Sales team with native plant substitutions, green roof plant requests
  • develop native plant lists for biofiltration, green roofs, living walls, restoration projects
  • contribute to NATS’ involvements: Invasive Plant Council B.C, Evergreen, BCLNA, etc.
  • presentations > landscape architects, municipalities, conference panels (native plants, living architecture)

Independent green roof contractor, Austria (October 2005 – April 2006)

  • site visits and planning for green roof division of Halbartschlager GmbH (Sierning)
  • installation of extensive green roofs across Austria (until season end)
  • write articles for, GRHC, Canadian Botanical Conservation Network

Organization Team Leader, 1st World Green Roof Congress, Basel (Aug – Sept 2005)

  • Congress Proceedings: proof-read all articles, translate abstracts and keynotes
  • coordinate 4-person student team in translating 200-page Green Roof Course Manual
  • guide a two-day excursion, responsible for between 15 and 40 people

Green roof consultant, O-An Zendo, Julian Woods, PA (May – July 2005)

  • green roof design: arrange structural assessment, order materials, supervise installation

Graduate Research Assistant (MSc), The Pennsylvania State University (Sept 2003 – May 2005)

  • Dissertation title: Green roof plant responses to different media and depths in drought.

Intern, Green Roof Plants, Emory Knoll Farms, Street, MD. (June – July 2003) 

  • nursery work, including propagation and care, organize green roof species into groups
  • roll vegetation mats for delivery to Boston World Trade Centre

Intern, Green roof division, Bienger GmbH, Schallstadt, Germany (Sept. – Dec. 2002)

  • site inspections, research, writing, green roof installation, green roof maintenance

Species-at-Risk Technician, Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG), Hamilton, ON. (July – Dec. 2001)

  • define plant communities in RBG nature reserves using Ecological Land Classification
  • create database for rare plants of southern Ontario, RBG Seedbank Program
  • identify endangered and rare plant species in the field
  • determine status of Red Mulberry population (map trees, assess health, delineate habitat)

Chapter Coordinator, Sierra Club Eastern Canada Chapter, Toronto, ON. (Jan. – May 2001)

  • recruit and train volunteers, run the office and administrative functions of the Chapter
  • carry out fundraising program based on conservation campaigns and other goals
  • support the research, development, and execution of Chapter conservation campaigns

Plant Ecologist, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR) (Oct. 2000, 2001)

  • measure growth and survival of prairie species in planted plots (see OMNR, 1999)
  • record frequency for sown– and for invasive species in seeded plots
  • estimate percent cover for sown prairie species, and for invasive species

Land Resource Technician, Grand River Conservation Authority (May – Sept. 2000)

  • develop a management plant for Laurel Creek Conservation Area, Waterloo, ON
  • reconnaissance studies of faunal populations, wetland boundaries, invasive exotics
  • create report with detailed maps (1:2,000) on the abiotic, biotic, cultural and planning aspects of area

Restoration Ecologist Assistant, OMNR (May – Sept. 1999)

  • assist in design and implementation of a field trial comparing planting methods and cover crop type for the establishment of tallgrass prairie in gravel pits
  • establish permanent plots, carry out full vegetation assessments in Wainfleet bog

Landscape Gardener, University Hohenheim Botanical Gardens, Stuttgart (April – July 1998)

Science Transfer and Landowner Contact, OMNR (June – Aug 1997)

  • introduce landowners to stewardship benefits for Carroll Creek Project
  • arrange Open House for researchers and landowners (mostly Old Order Mennonite)
  • compile a compendium of the various research projects comprising the overall Project

PROFESSIONAL ENGAGEMENTS                                                                                                                                        


o      Thuring, CE & G Grant. The biodiversity of temperate extensive green roofs - a review of research and practice. TIEE special issue 

o      Thuring, CE & N Dunnett. (In process) Substrate or soil? Characterising the growing substrates of extensive green roofs decades after installation.

o      Thuring, CE & N Dunnett. (In process) Nature as model: classifying mature extensive green roof vegetation with EIVs.

o      Thuring, CE. & N Dunnett. 2014. Vegetation composition of old extensive green roofs (from 1980s Germany). Ecological Processes 3 (4).

o      Thuring, CE, RD. Berghage & DJ. Beattie. April 2010. Green roof plant responses to different substrate types and depths under various drought conditions. HortTechnology 20(2): 395-401.

o      Berghage, RD, DJ Beattie, AR Jarrett, CE Thuring, F Razaei, TP O’Connor. 2009. Green Roofs for Stormwater Runoff Control. US EPA Office of Research and Development, National Risk Management Research Laboratory.

o      Brenneisen, S. und C. Thuring, 2008. Oekologischer Ausgleich auf dem Dach: Das Dach als Lebensraum. NATUR & Land (Naturschutzbund Oesterreich) 5(6): 16-19.

      o      Nagase, A. and C. Thuring, 2006. Plant responses to drought on extensive green roofs: the effects of temperature, substrate type and substrate depth. In: Proc. of 4th North American Green Roof Conference: Greening Rooftops for Sustainable Communities, Boston, MA. May 11-12, 2006. Toronto: The Cardinal Group.

      o     Thuring, C. Aug. 2007. Living roofs for the Pacific Northwest. Menziesia 12(2): 1-8. Native Plant Society of British Columbia. Vancouver, B.C.

       o     Thuring, C. Oct 2007. Wet roofs for enhanced green roof performance. Green Roof Infrastructure Monitor 9(2): 6-9. Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, Toronto.

       o > Christine's Ramblings, Sky Gardens blog, Green Roofs on the Curve (newsletter)

         Academic Teaching (including course development and delivery):

2009-present    The University of Sheffield, Department of Landscape

  • LSC 210 Habitats and Communities (with Marian Tylecote) (2010)
    • co-develop practical field course instructing students on vegetation sampling and description methods
  • LSC 203 Ecological Design Project (with Mel Burton)
    • studio tutorials; site visits (approx. 20 students)
  • LSC 302/ 334 Ecological Design and Management (with Dr. Nigel Dunnett)
    • deliver some lectures; teach; studio tutorials; site visits (approx. 15 students)
  • LSC 314 Current issues in Ecological Design and Management (with Dr. Nigel Dunnett) (2011-2016)
    • deliver some lectures; teach; studio tutorials; site visits (15 students)
  • LSC 315/ 335 Restoration Ecology (with Dr. Ross Cameron) (2011-2016)
    • deliver lecture on applied restoration; studio tutorials (15 students)
  • LSC 6001/ 6112 MA1 Advanced Ecological Design (with Dr. Nigel Dunnett) (2011-2016)
    • deliver some lectures; teach; studio tutorials; site visits (86 students)
  • LSC 6116  Research Methods (with Helen Woolley)
    • develop one lecture (data and analysis); studio tutorials to help MA students develop their dissertations
2006-2008     The British Columbia Institute of Technology, Centre for Architectural Ecology

    • ARCSI 8210 Green Roofs and Living Walls for Environmental Solutions
      • teach; develop course material
    • GROW 0001 Green Roofs: Concepts, Systems and Incentives
      • teach; develop some lectures
    • GROW 1000 Green Roofs: Details, Installation, and Maintenance
      • teach; develop some lectures
    • GROW 2000 Green Roofs: Planting in the Pacific Northwest
      • teach; develop course material
    • GROW 3000: Green Roofs and Living Walls for Environmental Solutions
      • teach; develop course material, specifically content on living walls (interior and exterior)

Speaking engagements:

2015 - Inspiration Nook, 3-minute video (with Mark Simmons), Upping the Urban Green: How can we accelerate the role of ecology in our cities?Greenroofs and Walls of the World Virtual Summit,

2014 - Presenter, Extensive green roof substrates more than 20 years since installation: description and consideration of ecological processes“Nature in the City” Naturparif congress, Paris (June 4-6, 2014).

2013 - Presenter, Vegetation composition of old extensive green roofs; Co-presenter, Upping the Urban Green: What is the actual and potential role of ecology in our cities?  1st World Congress of the Society for Urban Ecology, Berlin. (July 24-27, 2013).

2013 - Presenter, UN Decade on Biodiversity: opportunities for the green roof industry. Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, Green Roof Gathering, Toronto (April 9, 2013). 

2013 - Presenter, Vegetation and soil dynamics on extensive green roofs. UBC School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (SALA) Brown Bag Lecture SeriesVancouver  (March 27, 2013).

2012 - Presenter, Ecological dynamics of extensive green roofs over time. 3rd World Green Roof Congress, Copenhagen (Sept. 18-21, 2012)

.2011 - Moderator and panelist, Biodiversity and Greenroofs, Virtual Summit 2011: greenroofs and walls of the world. 

2011 - Presenter, Green roof plant communities: syntaxonomy of old green roofs. 1st National Green Roof Student Conference, Sheffield. (May 16-17, 2011).

2010 - Presenter, Calcareous grassland as a model for diverse green roof vegetation: establishment and dynamics. 2nd World Green Roof Congress, London (Sept. 15-17, 2010).

2006-2008 - Lunch & Learn presenter (on behalf of NATS Nursery), Pacific Northwest natives for urban landscapes and green roofs; and Bridging the Gap: From Growers to Plant SpecifiersVarious landscape architecture firms, Cascadia region. 

2008 - Panelist, Future directions for green roof research. 6th Greening Rooftops for Sustainable Communities conference, Baltimore, MA (May 2008).

2007 - Guest Expert, Living architecture and ecological design. Light House Sustainable Building Centre, Vancouver (Nov. 3, 2007).

2007 - Featured speaker, Living roofs for the Pacific Northwest. Vancouver Natural History Society and Native Plant Society BC. (Sept. 27, 2007).

2007 - Panelist, Invasive species. BCSLA AGM, CE forum. Vancouver (April 12 2007).

2007 - Presenter (2 sessions), Designing biofiltration BMPs for stormwater quality improvement in Victoria, B.C. University of Wisconsin-Madison ‘Engineering Professional Development’. Victoria (May 7-9, 2007). 

2006 - Co-presenter, with Ayako Nagase. Plant responses to drought on extensive green roofs: the effects of temperature, substrate type and substrate depth. 4th Greening Rooftops for Sustainable Communities conference: Boston (May 11, 2006).


  • 2015-present     Academic member of the Landscape Institute (UK)
  • 2007-2014         Society for Ecological Restoration, Member
  • 2013-present     Society for Urban Ecology, Member
  • 2012-present     Coordinator of Sustainability Group at Sheffield Buddhist Centre
  • 2004-present, Contributing Editor
        • biannual newsletter, Christine’s Ramblings, exclusive reports
  • 2004-2008         Committee member: Research and Growing Media CommitteesGreen Roofs for Healthy Cities
        • also Course Development team for GRP 401 Accreditation course (Plants and Growing Media Selection).
  • 2010-2012         University of Sheffield Committees
  • 2003-2005        Penn State Committees
        • Graduate Student's Association
        • HUB Advisory Board


-         EU Marie Curie Industry-Academia Partnership Program - PhD funding (2009 - 2011)

-          Katherine Mabis McKenna Fellowship, Academic Excellence (2003, 2004)

-          3rd place: PSU Graduate Research Exhibition, Poster Session (2004)

-          Marty Wannamaker Award for Spirit and Involvement, Trent University (1999)


  • available upon request