Chlorophyllocity ~ Ingenuity in Motion


With a BSc. in Environmental Resource Science and Biology from Trent University (1999), Christine Thüring has worked in restoration ecology and field botany, research, advocacy, and interpretation.  In 2001, saddened by the ceaseless fragmentation of habitat that she was working to protect, she turned her attention to the rooftop dimension. 

After interning with Bienger GmbH, an Optigrün-franchised green roof company in Germany, she went to Penn State University's "Centre for Green Roof Research" and earned a MSc. Horticulture (2005). She earned her PhD in 2016 in Landscape Ecology from the University of Sheffield by assessing the vegetation and substrates of some of the oldest extensive green roofs in Germany, while also a team member of a large EU project.

Christine combines her interests and expertise in ecology and rooftop greening in various expressions:

As a dual citizen of Switzerland and Canada, Christine lives and works internationally, constantly cultivating her culture, languages and roots.