Chlorophyllocity ~ Ingenuity in Motion

Naturpark Lech (Weissenbach, Tirol, A) - replicating a unique habitat

The Lech is one if the last wild rivers of central Europe. With a dynamic floodplain and canyon tributaries that no longer exist in the northern Alps, the Lech supports rare and endemic creatures: 1,116 plant species, 150 bird species, and some extremely rare species of amphibians and insects.

In 2004, the Lifeprojekt "Wild River Landscape Tiroler Lech" was established with support from the European Union, World Wildlife Fund, and various tiers of government across many jurisdictions. In 2009, a Naturhaus interpretive centre will be built in Weissenbach.

Through an integrated design process, Chlorophyllocity is developing a design for the roof that will use local substrates, seedbank and rhizospheric inocula, topographic features, and habitat elements for wildlife. The design will include collaboration with entomologists and ornithologists.