“Man is that uniquely conscious creature who can perceive and express. [We] must become the steward of the biosphere. To do this, [we] must design with nature.”

~ Ian McHarg, Design with Nature (1969).

About Christine

It is fifty years after Ian McHarg’s book “Design with Nature” was first published, yet the tenets posed are as relevant as ever. For disciplines like landscape and architecture, civil engineering, urban design, planning and biology to meaningfully address the urgent challenges of our time, we must embrace ecology and re-think Earth as a garden.

I am proud to be part of McHarg’s lineage, and enjoy putting theory into practice. My career path is founded on applied ecology and ecological design, with expressions in trans-disciplinary collaborations. Trained in environmental science, plant biology and horticulture, followed by 20 years working with living architecture and urban ecology, I am poised to integrate/ restore nature-based solutions into our built, peri-urban and natural environments. I am tireless in developing intellectual and practical leadership on multi-functional performance of landscapes and green roofs that include, but are not limited to:

    • water sensitive and biophilic design
    • habitat creation and biodiversity in the urban context
    • re-wilding in under-used spaces
    • pop-up parks and meanwhile spaces
    • food security in the commons
    • carbon sequestration in managed landscapes
    • gradients of ecological restoration and the ecotones of blue corridors
    • expressions in regeneration and decolonisation in landscape design
materials and methods for sustainable landscapes (i.e., high impact, low input)