“If you build it, they will come”  
Design-build projects are the ultimate application to test out McHarg’s tenet of designing with nature. Whether ponds, green roofs or public green spaces, these projects are my antidote and supplement to research and teaching. By linking up theory with practice, design-build projects allow for authentic, evidence-based observations on what success looks and feels like.

Design & Build

Design-build projects enlist the fusion of creativity with knowledge. This offering includes, but is not limited to, developing masterplans and details; establishing schedules and product/ species lists; determining logistics; installation and/ or maintenance. If you’ve got a grey space needing more life, please get in touch!

Bateman habitat garden (Sheffield, UK)

This project was a response to the Bateman family’s wish for a habitat garden that would host hedgehogs and other wildlife, while also serving for personal refuge and oasis. A masterplan was devised to transform 100m2 of turf into a wildlife-friendly pond, a wildflower meadow, and a forested bank. Habitat features included homes for hedgehogs, amphibians and insects, food resources and food source plants for native pollinators. As well, an extensive green roof was installed on the small garden house, and the patio re-surfaced with original York stone.

O-An Zendo (Julian Woods, PA)

The 300 ft2 roof on the entrance to the O-An Zendo in the intentional community of Julian Woods (Pennsylvania) is covered with shade tolerant green roof plants. For more information visit the Projects Database at greenroofs.com.